Siden 2015 har Birgit Løkke været i kontakt med forskningschef Christian Muchardt. Han har skrevet dette om CELL:

Academic knowledge is sometimes a burden. Our imagination is the fruit of our education, and for that very reason it sometimes cannot take us to the unlit grounds of discovery.

Of course, Birgit’s project was not science, too much background noise, not enough time to implement proper controls.

Birgit’s project was about changing the way we related to objects (cells) we were looking at every day. A good definition of art! and my interest was immediately caught.

Just the fact that we were sticking a microphone into a petri dish signaled something had changed. So, may be Birgit’s project could change the way everyone looks at cells, the good ones and the nasty ones that give us cancer. In all their complexity and beauty, they move, take decisions, relate to others. They were silent, and now in a funny way, they have a voice.

Christian Muchardt
Director, Unit of Epigenetic Regulation
Dpt of Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Jacques Monod Bldg.
Institut Pasteur
25 rue du Dr-Roux
75724 PARIS CEDEX 15




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